Require: Android 2.3.2+
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The description of Attack to Conquer

Easy and realistic subjugation missions of titans!

This game is the second version of "Attack on titans" series following a previous work "Attack on Mikasa".
We adopt 3D operation so that more realistic missions were realized.
You can enjoy several kinds of missions by addictive graphics!

* Attentions *
Since we pursued the easier and more realistic operational feeling,
it maybe a little difficult until you get used to operation.
Do your best!

__basic operation__

- Run
Tap the ground to run toward the place.

- Shoot an anchor
Tap of a wall/the titan , and keep your finger pressed down.

- Roll round an anchor(Jump)
Drag your finger which pressed down.
If it pulls more greatly, you can skip to a distance.

- Beat a titan.
Dash against the weak point in a titan's nape.

- Avoid a titan attack.
If a titan goes into an attack, a part of a titan will emit blue light.
Keep in mind that it's game over when you touch the point which emitted light.

__advanced operation__

- Rolling
Double-tap the ground to move quickly.

- Counter-attack
Tap and drag quickly when you pass the titan's side.
you can beat a titan by ONE shot, regardless of whether the anchor hit to the nape.


This game is made by fun of "Attack on Titan", not official.
And all of illustrations/3D models are made by us, Music/SoundEffects are the materials I begged following web sites to use.
I want to express the appreciation of great original works!

Music by
Korogi , AmachaMusic
SoundEffect by